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our passion drive our profession

The Story of

a White Soy Sauce Specialist

Yuhtay was established in 1956, when its founder was Mr. Yung Kan HSU who worked for a Japanese soy sauce manufacturer as an apprentice before setting up his own soy sauce manufactory in Pingtung City, Taiwan. Over the past 60 years, with the passion and professionalism of producing the best white soy sauce, YuhTay still growing strong in Taiwan despite there are a lot of competitors in the industry. We thank for our long-term loyal customers who constantly showing their support over years and sharing their positive experiences and reviews to their friends or on the social media, which do motivate us to be better and be stronger. Mr. Hsiang Cheng HSU, son and the successor of the founder, commits that YuhTay will keep on offering the customers the highest quality white soy sauce (shiro shoyu).

Simple but Not Simplier

our signature white soy sauce speaks for itself

 Naturally Made for 400 Days
Insists of crafting soy sauce according to the traditional Japanese method, every single batch takes 400 days to go from the fermentation pool to bottles.

 Authentic White Soy Sauce, our Signature Product
Our signature Premium White Soy Sauce has its amazing aroma of soy bean and the unique depth of flavor with gorgeous golden brown in colour, which is a great seasoning sauce without overwhelming the original taste of any dish.

 Finest Ingredients
We carefully select the highest quality Non-GMO soy bean and wheat for our discerning customers who care about health, and our products are suitable for vegetarian.

 100% Nature, No Chemical
We are dedicated to providing the best products for our customers, and we pride ourselves on producing our white soy sauce with all natural ingredient without any chemical additive or preservative.



ISO 22000

ISO 22000 Certification Successfully Achieved in 2023

How is it Made?


steam soybeans and wheat


make Aspergillus oryzae, add brine


ferment for at least 400 days


squeeze out raw soy sauce, heat and sterilize the filtered raw soy sauce


filling and packaging

The Move

From Old to New

Welcome to Our Next Chapter



Yuhtay Soy Sauce Ltd.

No. 470 Jianguo Rd, Pingtung City,
Pingtung County, Taiwan

+886 (0)8-7532877


Taiwan Food Business Registration
No. T-155936290-00001-7