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Serve quickly without fire! Anesthetic Quail Egg Cooking without Fire

Serve quickly without fire! Anesthetic Quail Egg Cooking without Fire

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Korean-style anesthetic eggs have been very popular on the Internet in recent years. Today, I will make a mini version, using quail eggs, which are known as the best eggs in eggs, instead of eggs. This is very cute!

We mince onions, shallots, garlic, and peppers for later use (of course, if you want to be faster and more trouble-free, the hand-held garlic masher will really be your life assistant!) If you are a student or a lazy person , you can buy cooked quail eggs directly in the supermarket, basically it is a dish that does not need to be fired aka dormitory cuisine ^^ !

Alluring shallots by Accidentally put too many green onions

\ sauces /

Yutai Premium White Soy Sauce 100ml

Boiled water 100ml

Corn syrup 20-30ml

Moderate amount of sesame oil

➜White sesame will be more fragrant if it is slightly fried

Put all the spices into the sauce and stir, put the boiled quail eggs into the sauce, refrigerate for a day and then eat! It is worth noting that this is a salty-sweet dish, how much syrup should be added What kind of soy sauce you use has a lot to do with it. The amount above is for everyone to use Yutai super white soy sauce as a reference . You need to add it little by little! If the soy sauce you have is very salty, corn syrup (you can Use granulated sugar/ honey instead) to put a little more!


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