Payment and Shipping

◾️ Payment method
  1. Credit card (support VISA/ MASTER/ JCB)
  2. ATM virtual account
  3. Internet ATM

Yutai online shopping credit card payment adopts the TapPay SSL 2048 bit transaction system of Qiao Rui Technology . When consumers swipe their cards, they will directly trade in the bank system. The company will never leave your credit card information to protect your rights and interests. The TapPay transaction system has passed the security audit of the PCI-DSS International Credit Card Organization to fully protect the security of your credit card information. ATM virtual accounts and online ATMs are provided by EcPay , a third-party cash flow platform.

◾️ Purchase limit

Each batch of extra-grade white soy sauce and white soy sauce paste has a purchase limit. Please pay attention to the purchase restrictions on the product page. For mixed purchase combinations, each option is limited to one box. Please refer to the instructions on each product page for details. Those who exceed the upper limit must contact LINE first , otherwise the order will be canceled without further notice.

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◾️ Shipping method

✤ The delivery of products sold on the whole site adopts the normal temperature delivery of Black Cat Delivery Service . Because the soy sauce products are packaged in glass bottles and the volume is limited, the company does not provide supermarket pick-up.
✤The estimated delivery date is the day when the company delivers the goods to Black Cat ’s TA-Q-BIN. Under normal circumstances, it will be delivered on the next day after delivery (except Sundays, national holidays or third-party logistics holidays). In addition, due to the home delivery route, the delivery time will also vary. It may not all meet your requirements, and everything depends on the actual operating hours of the black cat's delivery office.
✤ Store
self-pickup: When we have prepared the goods you ordered, we will notify you by email to pick them up. Please pick up the goods at the Pingtung store within one month after receiving the email notification.

◾️ Home Delivery Shipping Fee

a) Taiwan Main Island: RMB 150 per box (no free shipping)
b) Outlying islands of Taiwan: RMB 280 per box (no free shipping)

◾️ Package weight
12 into the weight of about 11kg
6 into the weight of about 5.5kg

◾️ Overseas Shipping Overseas Shipping

International Delivery Area: Hong Kong
Shipped by Yuanda International Logistics Co., Ltd. (PML), the air freight will be paid in cash in Hong Kong dollars directly at the time of receipt, and the estimated time limit is about 2-3 working days, depending on the logistics company.
Delivery area: Hong Kong
Express delivery service provided by PML International , and the air freight will be paid in Hong Kong dollars upon receipt. Estimated delivery time is 2 - 3 working days. (Note: all delivery times are estimated and subject to the courier being able to deliver. Weather and unforeseen events may also cause a delay.)

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◾️ Cloud invoice

In response to the paperless electronic invoice, after consumption on the Yutai official website, we will issue an electronic invoice through the electronic invoice value-added center after the order is shipped , and send an invoice notification email. Redeem the winning invoice. After the invoice is drawn according to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance every single month, the Green World electronic invoice system will send a winning invoice notification email. After receiving the email, consumers can go to 7-ELEVEN ibon in Taiwan to print the winning invoice and redeem bonuses. Detailed ibon printing operation process: