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✢ General Questions ✢

There is no third-party online and physical channel of any cooperation. Only by purchasing through official channels can you get after-sales service. To learn more about us, please refer to: 〚Shopping Guide〛

A box of 12 units is used as a unit, and a single home delivery cannot be made. In 2022, 6 packs of home delivery will be available for customers with a small amount of demand and first-time buyers. For retail, please visit Pingtung store.

Free choice of mixed purchase quantity is not provided. Please refer to our preset mix-and-purchase combination - half half delicious group .

Taiwan: The main partner is Black Cat’s TA-Q-BIN

Hong Kong: Yuanda International

*If other home delivery companies are selected, no prior notice will be given.

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Taiwan Main Island : Under normal circumstances, the product will be delivered to Fushang the next day after shipment.

Outlying islands of Taiwan : It is necessary to cooperate with the operating time and capacity of airlines and shipping companies, and cannot guarantee delivery on the designated date and time.

Note: We cannot guarantee the arrival of the next day. If the delivery is delayed due to traffic, weather, wrong address, consignee's inability to receive the goods, etc., please forgive me.

No free shipping; the shopping cart will automatically display the home delivery shipping cost.

Shipping to Hong Kong: Air freight from Taiwan to Hong Kong is cash-on-delivery, and Yutai only accepts the price of the product.

Please record the whole process before unpacking: Please record the whole process of unpacking to protect the rights and interests of both parties. Please be sure to record the entire process during the unpacking process to ensure that the product is not missing. In case of "wrong delivery", "out of stock", "defective product", etc., it is based on the "complete video file" (the shooting from the unopened delivery box is the complete video file). The video needs to clearly shoot [unopened state], [unpacking process], [object body], [expiration date on the product bottle], [clear logistics documents before unpacking], etc. Videos that are fast-forwarded or have obvious signs of editing are not included in the scope of acceptance.

When you receive the product, if the bottle is obviously broken or leaks, you can choose to reject it directly.

If you find a broken bottle after opening the logistics outer box, please email or LINE to inform within 24 hours. In case of "misdelivery" or "out of stock", please email or LINE within 3 days to inform, overdue will not be accepted.

Returns and exchanges for any reason will not be accepted. Please confirm the item and understand the risks of overseas shopping before placing an order.

✢ Product Issues✢

We advise customers to lay the unopened extra-grade white soy sauce and white soy paste flat to avoid air inflow. As long as it is stored properly, the extra-grade white soy sauce will continue to ferment with the storage time, and the taste will become more and more sweet. The unopened white soy sauce paste can be stored for 3 years.


Please store in a dry and cool place out of sunlight.
In order to ensure the quality, please be sure to put it in the refrigerator after opening, and keep it away from moisture to prevent mildew.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3 months after opening.

Yes! The original juice of the whole line of products is produced by us from a whole non-genetically modified soybean and wheat, fermented, matured, and pressed, and no sauces from other soy sauce factories are added.

✢ Order Issues✢

Log in to your account → My Account → Order History Click on the relevant order to view it

If the delivery address of an order that has not been arranged to be shipped needs to be changed, the member must notify us at least 5 working days before the shipment date. Orders that have already been shipped cannot be changed.

Orders of different batches cannot be added, please place another order.