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Thank you for your continued support! In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, Yutai's official website has been completely revised! Let's introduce our new features to you!

✚ The payment method on the shopping cart page can now be paid by ATM in addition to the previous credit card!

✚Cloud invoice
In response to environmental protection and improving the convenience of consumer checkout, the shopping system on the official website will automatically send your electronic invoice receipt to your email address used for Yutai .

✚ In the past, the product page only provided home delivery service of soy sauce in packs of one dozen, and now we also provide half packs!

✚ Store self-pickup

✚ Calculation of shipping costs Whether it is the main island or outlying islands, you can place an order directly on the official website!
The part of the shipping fee to Hong Kong is also C.O.D., and you can choose your delivery address flexibly.

✚ The product evaluation function can leave your comments or share your cooking tips

✚ Limited registration gift Registered members will receive a registration gift, limited to the official website.

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