Return and Exchange Policy

【Video before Kaifeng】

Please record the whole process before unpacking: Please record the whole process of unpacking to protect the rights and interests of both parties. Please be sure to record the entire process during the unpacking process to ensure that the product is not missing. In case of "wrong delivery", "out of stock", "defective product", etc., it is based on the "complete video file" (the shooting from the unopened delivery box is the complete video file). The video needs to clearly capture the unopened state , the unpacking process , the object body , the expiration date of the product bottle, and clear logistics documents before unpacking , etc. Videos that are fast-forwarded or have obvious signs of editing are not included in the scope of acceptance.


【Commodity exchange】

Member (orderer) submits an application → fills in the question and counting quantity → confirms with customer service → arranges to take back the product → confirms the returned product → enters the recycling inspection process → reships

  1. Unable to arrange round trip
  2. We do not accept wrong orders for personal reasons and exchanges for non-abnormal products.
  3. It will take about 3 to 7 working days for the replacement procedure (from the date of Yutai's receipt).
  4. Yutai provides this order [once] free shipping service for replacement of abnormal products ( limited to one pick-up address ) , please collect all abnormal products in this order to avoid secondary replacement (new ones can be replaced; but members have to bear it by themselves Freight or visit the store to exchange).
  5. The returned product is an opened and normal product (white soy sauce/soy sauce paste) and will not be renewed; since the product has no added preservatives, the opened white soy sauce/soy sauce paste cannot be refrigerated during the return and exchange, which may cause spoilage Bad inedible. Based on the consideration of food safety, members agree that the company will discard the opened normal products on their behalf.

[Product return and refund]

Member (orderer) submits an application → fills in the question and counts the quantity → confirms with customer service → arranges to take back the product → assists in refunding after confirming the returned product


  1. This website provides the rights of the seven-day hesitation period of product arrival (note! not the tasting period), which is counted from the next day after the member completes the receipt of the product to the seventh day (if the administrator collects it on behalf of the administrator, the date of collection will be the date of collection from the next day). If the sign-in date is August 1st, the seven-day appreciation period will start and end from August 2nd to 7th. If you want to return the product, you must contact the customer service staff before August 7th. Overdue will not be accepted.
  2. The returned product must be in a brand new state and the package must be complete and in the same quantity, otherwise the right to return will be affected. Please note that we sell in boxes. Therefore, if a member purchases 12 bottles of white soy sauce, all 12 bottles must be returned in a new state. If a member purchases 6 bottles of soy sauce paste, all 6 bottles must be returned in a new state. Please be sure to return all the complete products, accessories and gifts you ordered.
  3. The product is fragile, please be sure to pack it properly in the original logistics carton.
  4. Yutai handles electronic invoices, discount orders, sales return certificates and documents required by relevant laws and regulations. If the invoice is an electronic invoice certificate, the return and refund must be sent back together.
  5. If the original order amount does not reach the discount threshold after the return is processed, the discount amount of the order will be deducted.
  6. Points (shopping gold) or discount coupons will be deducted after the order is established, and will not be reissued when returning the product; when refunding, it will be calculated according to the deduction ratio.

❌The following circumstances may affect your return rights, and no return or refund will be issued:

  1. Returns and refunds will not be accepted after the appreciation period of seven days.
  2. Once the goods and gifts are unpacked (unpacking refers to unpacking the outer wrapping paper, bottle mouth rubber sleeve, and bottle cap), no returns will be accepted.
  3. Failure to properly pack the product in a carton, resulting in breakage of the fragile product, or causing the home delivery driver to directly paste the consignment note on the gift box, resulting in damage to the gift box (abrasion, scratches, dirt), each gift box will have to pay NTD150/piece (after return deducted from the payment).
  4. Orders that have applied for exchange service will no longer be able to be returned.
  5. If the invoice is an electronic invoice certificate, the return and refund must be sent back together.


【Refund Operation Instructions】

Shipped: After Yutai confirms that the product is returned intact, different refund methods will be used depending on the payment method of the order. The confirmation process will take 5 to 7 working days (excluding holidays).

Cancellation of order: General orders can be canceled before the shipment is arranged, once the shipment is arranged, the member will not be able to cancel the order.

Description of refund method

credit card

  • Brush back directly
  • On current or next credit card statement

ATM transfer

  • Need to provide your remittance information (passbook cover)
  • About 7-10 working days after receiving the returned goods, it will be returned to the original remittance bank account
  • Note: The handling fee due to remittance has been collected by the bank. In case of order cancellation or return, it cannot be refunded when refunding.

*Refund cash flow operation does not include six days and national holidays
*Please use the registered email to send us the remittance information for refund (passbook cover)

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◾️Store purchase (pickup)

If there is any abnormal product, please bring the invoice and the product directly to the store for replacement.
(Including official website payment store self-pickup orders and phone reservation self-pickup orders)

◾️Phone order

Telephone orders (home delivery) are also handled in accordance with the return policy on the official website.

◾️International Shipping

Overseas shipping (delivery outside of Taiwan) will not accept returns or exchanges for any reason. Before placing an order, please confirm the item and understand the risks of overseas shopping. We do not offer free international exchange or return shipping. Please confirm the items and understand the risks of overseas shopping before placing an order.

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❗❗Remind consumers again❗❗

Products purchased through unofficial channels cannot obtain after-sales service from our company.
The 7-day appreciation period is only applicable to official website home delivery orders and telephone home delivery orders .
In-store purchases ( including products placed on the official website or by telephone and picked up at the store) are introduced and checked by the clerk, and the product is actually seen, so the seven-day appreciation period does not apply.