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Official Website New Feature Announcement

Thank you for your continued support! In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, Yutai's official website has been completely revised! Let's introduce our new features to you!  …

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Price Adjustment Announcement

Posted by YuhTay on

Hello Yutai customers!

Thank you for your long-term support to us.
In recent years, Yutai has fully upgraded its factory and purchased new production equipment and systems to comply with the latest food safety and hygiene management regulations, and greatly improve the working environment of employees. Various operating costs have soared, and the cost of raw materials and other aspects has continued to rise, far exceeding what we can bear. In the face of internal and external challenges, we have to re-evaluate the product price, and will adjust the price from February 6, 2023. At that time, we will officially announce the price on the official website. Orders created on or before February 5, 2023 will be Not affected.

In the future, we will continue to strive for perfection and present the most delicious white soy sauce in Taiwan to you.

Sincerely, Yutai

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2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Posted by YuhTay on

Spring Festival holiday notice: January 20, 2023 to 29, 2023 is the company's continuous Spring Festival holiday, and the customer service team will resume normal work on January 30, 2023. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Pingtung store is open as usual (open until 12:00 noon on the third day of the third day)

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玉泰 Pinkoi 館

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玉泰自營的 Pinkoi 館 於2022年11月30日正式上線!


  1. 官方網站
  2. 屏東門市
  3. Pinkoi 館


/ - - / - - // - - / - - // - - / - - /


  • 沒有授權任何網店/購物平台 
  • 沒有授權任何實體店/超商
  • 沒有授權任何團購主
  • 沒有授權任何KOL/網紅
  • 海外台灣一樣沒有





- - -

Dear Customers,

Please note that we sell directly in Taiwan, and we do not have exclusive distributors, resellers or dealers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the product quality or the authenticity of products unless purchased directly from us.

How to Buy?
1. Our Online shop 
2. Purchase at our Pingtung store (No.263 Minzu Road, Pingtung City, Taiwan) (Retail)
For English speaking customers, please email ( /LINE/Fb messenger us directly if you have any question.

Thank you very much!

- - -

1. 公式オンラインショップ配送サービス)
2. 屏東店 - 屏東市民族路263号(リティアル)

玉泰醬油 Yuhtay

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Home Delivery Service Adjustment Instructions

Posted by YuhTay on

During the prosperous period of Double 11 in 2022 [11/10 to 11/20], the demand for mailing will increase significantly, and the company's cooperation with "Black Cat's Delivery Service" will adjust the operation process:

- Unable to specify delivery date
- Unable to specify delivery time
- Next day delivery is not guaranteed
- Outlying islands are limited by flight capacity
- Unable to know the exact arrival date
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Feature of our New Official Website

Posted by YuhTay on

感謝大家一直以來的支持!為提供您更好的購物體驗,玉泰 官網已全新改版!以下就來為大家介紹我們新增的功能吧! 


✚ 購物車頁面




✚ 商品頁面


✚ 門市自取

✚ 運費計算


✚ 商品評價功能


✚ 限定註冊禮


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