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We are a manufacturer as well as a retailer. The integration of production, supply and marketing allows us to save all kinds of high operating expenses in cooperation with mainstream channels, so that you can buy high-grade soy sauce at a more favorable price to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship. In addition, self-produced and self-sold products allow us to directly understand your preferences and establish a closer relationship with you. Although it is difficult to reach a large number of potential customers if it is not listed on the shelves of major mainstream channels, it is difficult to reach a large number of potential customers, but we firmly believe that a good product will speak for itself.

Thank you for letting us see the power of word of mouth!

Learn about our operating model

We have an average of 2 to 4 production batches per month, and each batch of soy sauce has a fixed production volume. When a batch of soy sauce is fully booked, the "scheduled shipment date" will be postponed to the next "scheduled shipment date" according to our production schedule. Therefore, the "scheduled shipping date" on the product page is the fastest date that can be sent to you at present. In other words, the earlier batches are all sold out!

simple and beautiful

Life should not be too complicated, let us relieve you of the trouble of too many choices ! Here, we only have 2 products and 3 combinations. For you who are buying for the first time, we sincerely recommend you the half-half delicious set ! The wonderful taste on the table allows you to have it all at once!

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