Privacy Policy

Yuhtay official website ( (hereinafter referred to as this website) is operated by Yuhtay Soy Sauce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company). The company collects, processes and uses your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and this Privacy Policy personal data, and provide you with the exercise and protection of your personal data rights.


1. Scope of application of privacy policy

This privacy policy only applies to the collection, processing and use of your personal data by this website. Other websites linked to this website may also collect your personal information. The terms of the privacy policy of this website will not apply to the collection of personal information when visitors link to other websites from this website and continue to read other websites. Please bear the relevant risks by yourself. The company is not responsible for the information contained in other websites No responsibility is assumed for the accuracy or safety of or for any omissions.


2. Security of personal data

Protecting the personal privacy of members is an important business philosophy of the company. Without the consent of the members, we will never provide the personal information of the members to any third party that has nothing to do with the services of this website (our affiliated companies, logistics channels) merchants and third parties entrusted by the company to handle affairs). Members should properly keep their network passwords and personal information confidential, and do not provide any personal information, especially network passwords, to anyone. After using the various service functions provided by the company's website, be sure to log out of the account. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window.


3. Collection, processing and utilization of personal data

The personal data obtained by the relevant websites of the company are only used within the company in accordance with the originally stated purpose and scope. Unless stated in advance or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the company will not provide the information to the third party. three persons, or for other purposes.

  1. Purpose of collection: The purpose of collection is to carry out marketing business, consumer, customer management and service, online shopping and other e-commerce services as well as investigation, statistics and research analysis. The company will collect personal information through the process of joining members or conducting transactions.

  1. Categories of Personal Data Collected:

(1) Individual identification: such as member name, address, telephone number, mobile phone, email and other information.

(2) Financial identifiers: such as credit card or financial institution account information.

(3) Personal description: For example: gender, date of birth, etc.

(4) Website usage behavior: For example: website browsing movement, advertisement click, etc.

  1. Period, area, object and method of use:

(1) Period: until the date when the member party requests to stop using or the company stops providing services.

(2) Region: Members' personal data will be used in Taiwan (Taiwan, Penghu, Jinan, and Malaysia).

(3) Objects and methods of use: In addition to the collection of members' personal information for the company's member management, customer management, search and query functions, it will also be used for identification, cash flow services, logistics services, marketing and publicity, etc. Examples are as follows

  1. When using various services provided by the company as a member, the member information will be automatically displayed on the page.
  2. To carry out transactions: when members make reservations, place bids, purchases, participate in rewards, etc., or engage in other transactions for goods or services, the company will respond to customer inquiries regarding product delivery, service provision, price payment, and response to customer inquiries. Inquiries, related after-sales services and other businesses necessary for the execution of the exchange.
  3. Advertising or marketing, etc.: Provide members with various e-magazines and other information, and provide service-related information through email, mail, telephone, etc. Personalize the content or advertisements viewed by members according to the customer's personal attributes or purchase records, browsing records of the company's website, etc., for personalization, analysis of services used by members, development of new services or improvement of existing services, etc. Contact members with regard to opinion polls, activities, message boards, etc., or other service-related matters.
  4. Response to customer inquiries: Respond to inquiries from members to the company through email, mail, fax, telephone or any other direct and indirect contact methods.
  5. Other matters incidental to business: Use necessary for the Company to provide services incidental to the purposes of use in items a to d above.
  6. For the information provision of individual service providers: when a member makes an appointment, bids, purchases, participates in reward activities or applies for other transactions for the goods or services of the service provider, the company may, within the scope necessary for the exchange, send the member The personal data file of the service provider is provided to the service provider, and the service provider is responsible for managing the personal data file. The company will undertake the obligation to process personal data in accordance with the principle of protecting the privacy of members, but there is no guarantee that the third service provider will necessarily abide by it.
  7. Others: When providing individual services, personal data may also be used for purposes other than those specified above. At this time, the gist will be stated on the webpage of the individual service.

  1. Members' rights with respect to personal data: The parties whose personal data is collected by the company may exercise the following rights against the company in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:

(1) Inquiries or requests for viewing.
(2) Request system for copy.
(3) Request for addition or correction.
(4) Request to stop collection, processing or use.
(5) Request to delete.


4. Data Security

In order to protect the privacy and security of members, the company's member account information will be protected with a password. The company will try its best to protect the security of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.


5. Ways to inquire or correct personal data

Members can contact the company when they need to inquire and read, make a copy, supplement or correct, stop computer processing and use, or delete their personal data, and the company will handle it promptly.


6. Cookies and other technologies

  1. This website uses cookie technology in order to provide services that are closer to members' personalization. Cookie is a technology used by the web server to communicate with the member's browser. It may store random strings in the member's computer to identify different users. Members can cancel or limit this cookie function through browser settings. However, if the member disables cookies, it may cause the member to be unable to log in to the website smoothly.
  2. Marketing e-mails sent by the Company may use "click-to-site URL" technology to link to the content of the landing page. When a consumer clicks on one of these URLs, it passes through another web server before reaching the destination page. The company will track the data of this item to help judge consumers' interest in a specific marketing topic and measure the effectiveness of consumer communication. If consumers do not want to be tracked in this way, please do not click on the text or image links on the marketing emails.


7. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

  1. The company will revise this policy from time to time as the market environment changes. When the company revises the content of this policy, the company will announce it on this website.
  2. If you do not agree to this policy, please stop using this website and this service immediately.
  3. If members have any questions about the company's website privacy statement or related matters related to personal data, they can contact the company at .