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Yutai's self-operated Pinkoi Pavilion will be officially launched on November 30, 2022!

The current official purchase channels are as follows:

  1. Official website www.yuhtay.com
  2. Pingtung store
  3. Pinkoi Pavilion

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Yutai's full line of products has not entrusted any third party (company/individual) to sell, and has been operating in a self-produced and self-marketed mode so far. Except for Yutai's self-operated ordering method, any form of sale/resale has nothing to do with Yutai. If you see our products on any unofficial purchase platform, please check with the platform.

  • Not authorizing any online store/shopping platform
  • Not authorized any physical stores/supermarkets
  • Did not authorize any group purchase owner
  • Did not authorize any KOL/Internet celebrity
  • Overseas Taiwan is the same

If there is an official distribution channel, it will be announced separately, thank you all.

❗❗Remind consumers again❗❗

Products purchased through unofficial channels are not eligible for after-sales service of the company.

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Dear Customers,

Please note that we sell directly in Taiwan, and we do not have exclusive distributors, resellers or dealers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the product quality or the authenticity of products unless purchased directly from us.

How to Buy?
1. Our Online shop www.yuhtay.com
2. Purchase at our Pingtung store (No.263 Minzu Road, Pingtung City, Taiwan) (Retail)
For English speaking customers, please email (contactus@yuhtay.com) /LINE/Fb messenger us directly if you have any question.

Thank you very much!

- - -

How to buy する:
1. Official オンラインショップwww.yuhtay.com (delivery service)
2. Pingtung Store - No. 263, Minzu Road, Pingtung City (リティアル)

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