"Statement" Regarding [Results of 2018 Commercially Available Brewed Soy Sauce Quality Inspection]

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Explanation on [Results of Quality Inspection and Inspection of Commercially Available Brewed Soy Sauce in 2018].
In this audit, two products of Yutai were named to improve the marking on the trademark after the new regulations came into effect, as follows:

1. Advanced Jade Oil:
- Soy sauce for business use sold to.
- It should be labeled as "caramel coloring" but it is mistakenly labeled as "methylimidazole", and it is not labeled as "mixed" soy sauce; because it is for business use, this oil has added preservatives of standard quality.
- Mistakes in the trademark resulted in a penalty. We have already updated the wrong mark in this part.

2. Pingtung famous white soy sauce (super white soy sauce):
- We are the main product and sell it on the official website.
- After the new regulations are put on the road, those with a total nitrogen content of less than 0.8g/100ml shall not be labeled as "brewed". Unfortunately, the special-grade white soy sauce is naturally fermented for 400 days, and its total nitrogen content of 0.7g/100ml is listed as substandard, so it cannot be labeled as "brewed".
- "Extra White Soy Sauce" is definitely not instant, not hydrolyzed, and not mixed (modified).
- In order to comply with the government's new regulations and in accordance with the government's official standardization, we regret to delete all the words "brewing".
- Made with conscience for 400 days, with pure ingredients.
- We will continue to work hard to discuss with relevant departments, and hope to get back our "brewing" as soon as possible.

We reiterate that our products remain unchanged and our business philosophy remains the same.
Even if the gorgeous packaging is wiped away, it will not change the taste we are proud of. Thank you for your support along the way.


Yutai Soy Sauce Factory
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