Announcement: Sub-line Product - Advanced Jade Oil (Vendor/Business Use)

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Here I would like to introduce to you the "Advanced Jade Oil Essence/Advanced Essential Oil" that has never appeared on the official website and fan page, lest you be frightened by the eye-catching headlines and out-of-context content of major media, and the "Super Premium White Soy Sauce" on your hand "Confused with this oil essence.

Let everyone know, this has always been our sub-line product, a bottle of NTD50, is a mixed soy sauce! It has preservatives and caramel coloring as it says on the label:

  • Vendor/Business use
  • With added standard quality preservatives and caramel coloring
  • Do not advertise, do not promote
  • Output: Slowly shrinking for a long time
1 stick dark soy sauce

​Sorry that the high-grade jade oil essence is no longer accepting orders from new vendors/restaurant operators, only accepting orders from existing old customers​.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yutai Soy Sauce Factory

- - -

[This product has been discontinued - the announcement was updated on 2022/08/16]


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