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Official Website New Feature Announcement

Thank you for your continued support! In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, Yutai's official website has been completely revised! Let's introduce our new features to you!  …

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9/13(三)~ 10/1(日)

• 無法保證隔日配達、無法指定日期、無法指定時段到貨

• 離島區域受限航班載能,無法掌握確切到貨日


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承蒙厚愛,感謝大家在過往10多年來願意排單數月等候白醬油熟成出產。自新工廠投產後產能大幅提升,出貨效率開始陸續強化及改善, 很高興可以提供大家更好的購物體驗。



Your support means a lot to us! We appreciate everyone's willingness to wait for several months for our white soy sauce over the last decade. Since the new factory began production, our output has significantly increased, and so the lead time has gradually improved. We are happy to provide you all a better shopping expereince with us. 

Thank you for your love and continued support! 

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玉泰通過ISO 22000食品安全管理體系認證 Achievement of ISO 22000

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幸福甘美的背後 把食安永遠置頂 
很高興跟大家宣佈我們於2023年5月22日通過ISO 22000認證。從家庭式工廠開始到今天,感謝大家67年來一直給予我們支持。由於食品產業牽涉眾多,包含食品製造、包裝、儲運、販售到食用,整個供應的過程,存在許多風險因素,這些可能的危害與污染都會直接影響到消費者。基於以上的理由我們以PDCA循環建立持續改善的概念,並透過品質手法來思考組織內存在的風險事件,減弱或消除這些風險。


每一瓶白醬油都要 閃閃發光
我們心明過往工廠的不足,因此在籌備新工廠的時候,就鎖定以高規格的ISO 22000的標準為目標,建立公司食品安全政策,規劃食品安全管理系統,改善食安衛生整體績效,給喜愛玉泰的大家持續提供安全,衛生且符合法規標準的產品。今後我們將繼續努力持續貫徹食安高標準。


ISO 22000是什麼?
ISO 22000結合了ISO 90001(食品管理標準)和HACCP(危害分析及關鍵點控制管理)兩大食品相關國際認證。

• ISO9001:為食品產業的品管認證標準,用於評估企業所提供的食物產品是否維持一定的品質。
• HACCP:作為食品安全管制系統,著重於食品加工過程中可能產生的危害,藉此防治食品安全危害。


Annoucemnt: Achievement of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification 

Yuhtay Soy Sauce Ltd. is pleased to announce the successful achievement of ISO 22000 certification applicable to food safety relating to soy sauce processing and sales at its Pingtung factory.











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Price Adjustment Announcement

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Hello Yutai customers!

Thank you for your long-term support to us.
In recent years, Yutai has fully upgraded its factory and purchased new production equipment and systems to comply with the latest food safety and hygiene management regulations, and greatly improve the working environment of employees. Various operating costs have soared, and the cost of raw materials and other aspects has continued to rise, far exceeding what we can bear. In the face of internal and external challenges, we have to re-evaluate the product price, and will adjust the price from February 6, 2023. At that time, we will officially announce the price on the official website. Orders created on or before February 5, 2023 will be Not affected.

In the future, we will continue to strive for perfection and present the most delicious white soy sauce in Taiwan to you.

Sincerely, Yutai

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