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Yutay New Factory Officially Begins Operations

Yutay New Factory Officially Begins Operations

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(Translated by Google)

Happy New Year 2022! 5 years!
After five years, we can finally announce to you today
Our #newfactory has officially opened at the end of the year
Step by step into production.
Keen-eyed customers should have noticed our packaging and
The address on the sticker has been changed to the address of the new factory.

Relieve the demand and speed up the order time
has always been a problem we want to solve,
In order not to prolong the waiting period for customers,
We also rejected numerous
Opportunities for media visits and invitations to exhibit.

along the way,
From planning expansion to plan execution and detail adjustment,
After more than five years, the upgrade of the factory building was finally completed.
We have finally made a further leap forward to our goal.

So, dear ones,
Please give us a little more time,
After our finished product reaches the standard,
It will definitely shorten the waiting period for everyone.

Hope to our guests in the future
A more stable and more secure product.
Although the tedious process of making white soy sauce is still
very dependent on our staff
Experience and knowledge of sauce making,
But the whole process can be assisted by machines
It is indeed getting twice the result with half the effort.

2022 is the beginning of our new page,
There are many fields waiting
We learn and explore.
Thanks for having you along the way!

**Note: The factory does not have a sales area, please go to the old store on Minzu Road to buy. **

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