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The cute 6-in-1 half pack is newly launched!!!

The cute 6-in-1 half pack is newly launched!!!

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While preparing for the upgrade of the official website system,
The idea of ​​the small box is being conceived!
Many customers are introduced by friends or
Get to know us through the recommendation of online articles (thanks ^^),
And usually new customers who never eat
because of the long lead time
And I was struggling and surprised to buy at least a dozen for home delivery .
In the past, the old factory on Minzu Road had a small space and there was really no way.
Now there is a new factory, and the official website also has good supporting facilities.
I think the small box can be released.
So whether you live alone,
You who don't work together,
you guys

\ 6 half packs are already on the market! /

No more knocking bowls!!
We want to maintain the feeling of a dozen outfits,
So designers help us keep
The retro flavor of the original pack and three important elements:
- white soy sauce
- Premium mark
- smile lines
On the other side, we have used calligraphy on wooden signboards for more than 60 years
The overall feeling wants to be simpler, closer to modern minimalist aesthetics!
Are the little beans on the box very crooked?

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