Shopping Points

Q1 What are points?
Points provided by Yutai official website, 300 points = NT$1.
Collect full points to exchange for shopping gold and use it on the official website.
※ Points are not equivalent to cash, so cashing out is not possible※

Q2 How to check points?
After logging in as a member, click the "Gift" button at the bottom right to check the current points you have.

Q3 How to earn points?
Click the "Gift" button at the bottom right → "How to Earn Points" for instructions; or follow the event description page.

Q4 How to redeem points?
After logging in as a member, click the "Gift" button at the bottom right → "How to Redeem Points " to redeem the points for discount codes for the next purchase!


Q5 How to use the redemption discount code?
Copy the "discount code" and paste the discount code on the "discount code" column on the payment page, and the system will automatically deduct the discounted amount for you.

Q6 If I cancel an order or apply for a return, will the points be returned?

⋆Orders canceled before shipment: About 5 working days after the cancellation, the points discounted by the order will be returned to the original account.
⋆Once the order enters the shipping operation, the order cannot be canceled and the points cannot be returned.
⋆ Return points will not be returned/reissued.

Q7 What is the expiry date of points?
The general validity period is one year or according to the activity description.

Q8 Can points be transferred?
It cannot be transferred to any third party, and it is not possible to request services such as merging, converting into cash, giving change or exchanging for other gifts from different member accounts.

something else:
⋆ After the order is canceled or the return process is completed, the shopping credit obtained for the order will be deducted. If the balance in the customer's account is insufficient to deduct the received shopping credit, the difference will be deducted from the refund.
⋆ Yutai reserves the right to change, modify, modify or terminate points, shopping bonus , discount coupons and other related offers at any time, and no prior notice is required for any changes.