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How to Make Perfect Sukiyaki Sauce at Home?

How to Make Perfect Sukiyaki Sauce at Home?

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It is not cheap to eat high-quality sukiyaki outside. To control costs, restaurants often focus on the most easily overlooked or least obvious places by customers. Seasoning is likely to be the most neglected. After all, meat and vegetables Whether it is fresh or not is easy to be found by customers at a glance. Sukiyaki is a bit different from hot pot. It is a stewed dish. It is simmered with sauce to make vegetables and beef more sweet and delicious, one bite after another.

Soy sauce, sake, and mirin are very important to make a sukiyaki sauce with a charming aroma. If you ignore it, it will become a deadly sweet or deadly salty sukiyaki, with no layers at all. I’m here to share with you today. You don’t need to buy chemical sukiyaki sauce at a hypermarket to take up the space in the refrigerator. You can make sukiyaki as delicious as a high-end restaurant with the fragrant Yutai premium white soy sauce. The point is that it’s still good. Customize your own exclusive taste, add a little more sugar if you like it sweeter, add a little more soy sauce if you like it richer and saltier, the ratio is up to you. If you think sukiyaki is too sweet or too salty, please give yourself a chance to taste the earthy delicacy simmered in white soy sauce!



\ Sukiyaki sauce ratio/

Yutai Premium White Soy Sauce 1.5 parts Sake 1 part Mirin 1 part Bonito Stock/Water 1 part Sugar Dip the sauce: fresh eggs

*For the first time, you can use the ratio above as a benchmark, and then adjust your own intensity and sweetness!


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