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Yaki Onigiri (Japanese Grilled Rice Ball) with White Soy Sauce and Miso

Yaki Onigiri (Japanese Grilled Rice Ball) with White Soy Sauce and Miso

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The grilled rice balls (焼きおにぎ) , which are common in izakayas , can be easily made at home, and it is also a great parent-child dish. The salty and fragrant rice balls can be shaped into cute shapes, and children will love them!

This time I cooked cooked white rice for two people. After the rice is cooked, add the fragrant pine (ふりかけ) and mix well. Because I have a rice ball mold at hand, I will use the mold to shape it this time, but this time I use the experience that I still prefer to knead the rice balls by hand, because it is easier to pinch the rice balls firmly (it will not fall apart so easily when frying) ! The sauce part is simple:


\ Soy Sauce Flavored Sauce/
2 tsp Yutai super white soy sauce 2 tsp mirin 2 tsp sugar

\ Miso Flavored Sauce/
2 tsp Yutai extra white soy sauce 2 tsp white miso 2 tsp Mirin 2 tsp sugar


I will make the soy sauce flavor first, because the base of the sauce is the same. After making the soy sauce flavor, add white miso and mix well to make the miso flavor. Because the concentrated miso is very salty, it can be brushed before the rice balls See if you need to add a little more sugar!

➜ Fry for 3-4 minutes on each side, do not move during the period, otherwise it will easily fall apart! Turn over and do the same on the other side.

My favorite is the white soy sauce-style rice balls, which are super sweet and delicious! The miso flavor is very suitable for those who like strong flavors. If you eat it with seaweed buns, the taste should be richer. 



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